Dalin (Darlene) Guo


I am a PhD student in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego, advised by Angela J. Yu.

I received B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2016. I obtained my master degree in Intelligent Systems, Robotics, and Control from UC San Diego in 2018.

Research Interest

My research interest lies in machine learning and cognitive science. I use computational methods to understand cognitive processes, with a focus on learning and decision-making under uncertainty.

My current project is on multi-armed bandit task, where agents choose among options with stochastic reward, trading-off between exploration and exploitation.



Dec. 2018 - I will present in the poster session at NIPS: "Why so gloomy? A Bayesian explanation of human pessimism bias in the multi-armed bandit task"
Nov. 2018 - I will talk at SfN Nanosympoisum 634.06 on Nov. 7, 9:15-9:30 in SDCC 4.


Sept. 2018 - I started my PhD program in Cognitive Science department as a first/second/third year student.
June 2018 - I received the master of science degree in Intelligent systems, robotics, and control from ECE department.
May 2018 - I attended the Joint Symposium on Neural Computation at Caltech.
May 2018 - I gave a talk at center for functional MRI weekly seminar.
Mar. 2018 - I passed the preliminary exam for PhD students in ECE department.
Mar. 2018 - I presented a poster in CoSyNe and received presenters travel grant. Thank you, CoSyNe sponsors!
Dec. 2017 - I presented a poster in WiML and received WiML travel grant, Thank you! I worked as a volunteer for NIPS and attended the conference.
Nov. 2017 - I presented a poster in SfN in Washington DC.
Oct. 2017 - I presented a poster in SoCal Machine Learning Symposium at USC.
Oct. 2017 - My first paper as the second author published!
Sept. 2016 - I came back to UC San Diego for PhD program in ECE!
June 2016 - I received my B.S. degree. Farewell, BIT!
May 2016 - I started my internship at the IBM China Development Lab.
Sept. 2015 - I started my exchange year at UC San Diego.
July 2015 - I started my research internship in the center for functional MRI, UC San Diego.


Why so gloomy? A Bayesian explanation of human pessimism bias in the multi-armed bandit task. NIPS 2018.
Dalin Guo, Angela J. Yu.

Anhedonia and anxiety underlying depressive symptomatology have distinct effects on reward-based decision-making. PLoS ONE, 12(10):e0186473. [pdf]
Katia M. Harle, Dalin Guo, Shunan Zhang, Martin P. Paulus, Angela J. Yu.